Dolores Park Hipsters vs Hippies Water Fight

Dolores Park is often ground zero of San Francisco shenanigans. On this particular Saturday, individuals were invited to arrive at a set time with as much water-related ammo as they could carry dressed as either hipsters or hippies — whichever group they identified with most. When I read about the upcoming epic battle, I had to wonder which of the two groups would win — the faction defined by their too cool to care attitude or those who live by the motto to “make love not war.” Turns out dedication and caring were the qualities that made the most difference. The hippies soundly beat the hipsters thanks to a surprise attack by a hidden hippy battalion who streamed down the Dolores Park hills to force a turning point in the fight. After the drenching and the hipster surrender, both sides set aside their differences to share a batch of homemade cupcakes. If only all battles ended so nicely.

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