Bring Your Own Big Wheel Race

One day in early 2000, Jon Bruitt bought a plastic big wheel bike. Yes, he, an adult, bought a bike made for a small child. In ingenious San Francisco fashion, he had the bright idea to take it for a ride down the zigs and zags of Lombard Street, widely touted as the crookedest street in the world. A small crowd watched him the first year. Others brought big wheels and joined in in following years. Some came in costume. Then YouTube happened, and the event exploded. The audience became so big that people who lived near Lombard Street asked Jon to find a new location in 2007. The next year and every year since, Big Your Own Big Wheel (BYOBW) occurs every Easter on Vermont Street at the top of Potrero Hill.  While there are now only seven turns compared to Lombard’s eight, the incline is steeper. And as you can see below, the event is still as fun and zany as ever.

M o r e   W e d d i n g s
M o r e   W a n d e r i n g s
M o r e   W h i m s y