About Me

About Me Photo 7 375pxI am a San Francisco-based freelance photographer with roots on Maui, at Stanford University, and at DreamWorks Animation.

From that background, you get a friendly, laid-back collaborator with a flair for organization, a sense of humor, and a passion for visual storytelling who pushes herself to go above and beyond for her clients.

My specialities include:

Weddings – I focus (pun intended!) on the special details of your day with a candid, photojournalistic style that captures your memories as they occur. I like to engage with couples and put them at ease so genuine emotion and affection shine through each photo.

Wanderings – I embrace any and every opportunity to see and document what the world has to offer, whether the next block over or in a country on the other side of the world. My photos evoke a sense of place and the people who live there.

Whimsy – Silly events that have to be seen to be believed and the little details of life you notice on the street that just make you stop and smile. And in my case, take a picture.

Want a little bit of all three? Bring me along on your honeymoon or other travels!

Immerse yourself in each other and the destination without having to stop and click. Avoid the awkward attempts to take photos of yourselves and the gamble of asking strangers to do it for you. Come home with tons of beautiful photos that capture priceless memories. Nostalgia guaranteed at every viewing! I am happy to tag along for an afternoon, a day, or for the duration — whenever you want me around.

For an even more stress-free option, I can take over the travel planning for you. I have a wealth of knowledge to help you plan your visit; a detail-oriented, investigative drive to find the best and most authentic sights and experiences everywhere; and a thoughtful streak to personalize your vacation to make it extra special.

Please use the contact link to email me about pricing, with questions, or just to say hi. I look forward to working with you!

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